Friday, August 7, 2009

WEI on Vista x64 vs. Win7 x64

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I just finished installing Win7 RTM x64 on my Lenovo T61p and here’s the results of the Windows Experience Index (WEI):


Here’s the results “as delivered” last summer from Lenovo with Vista x64:


It’s basically the same machine – I say “basically” because technically there’s a different hard drive – both are SATA 7200 rpm. There are really two variables in play here – the different OS of course and different drivers.

As delivered it had all the Lenovo eye candy installed which I left pretty much left intact except for occasional system updates. With the fresh installation of Win7 RTM x64 I managed to get a working nVidia driver by using the latest Vista 64-bit version (ver., 2009/01/15) from their support site working. I was not able to the the official nVidia Windows 7 64-bit version (ver. 186.03, 2009/06/09) to install however they’ve labeled it a beta release.