Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cross-Platform Developer's Tools Comparison

One of the first things with moving to or even evaluating a new platform is figuring out what is "there" on the target OS. This answers the question "What can I still do" or better yet "How do I...".  Here's my comparison list of tools across Linux, OS X, and Windows. Yes, I know that OSX is Linux under the covers, however it is enough of a "standoff-ish" platform (IMHO) with regards to user experience, development platform/tools (used to build the software I'm talking about), etc. that I categorize it separately.

Tool Linux OSX Windows
Blog Writer Qumana Live Writer
Database Tool DbVisualizer DbVisualizer DbVisualizer
SQL Server Management Studio Express
Development IDE Eclipse
Visual Studio
File Compression 7-Zip 7zX 7-Zip
File/Folder Comparison Beyond Compare Delta Walker Beyond Compare
Instant Messaging Pidgin Adium Pidgin Pidgin
Source Control Subclipse Subclipse
System Tray Status/Tools iStat Menus SysInternals
Text Editor Beyond Compare Text Wrangler Notepad++
Video Player VLC Player VLC Player VLC Player
XML Editor <oXygen> <oXygen> <oXygen>

Note that this list is what I've found for software that is comparable and gets the job done for me.
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